Completed for the company’s 60th anniversary and retailing for $65,000, Project Everest is quite simply the most exquisite musical instrument JBL has ever constructed, delivering the highest level of musical fidelity. Once again fulfilling founder James B. Lansing’s vision of creating beautiful, high-performance home loudspeakers.

“Quite beautifully styled, in the way the large midrange horn is integrated into the front and in the classy veneered bass enclosure that forms a continuous curve around the sides and back. The result is very elegant and not unlike a large and beautifully made item of furniture.”

The provocative shape integrates the large midrange horn into the front of the veneered bass enclosure to form a continuous curve around the sides and back. The elegant curves of the front baffle recall the legendary design of JBL’s Hartsfield and Paragon speakers. Over 9 cubic feet of volume is masked in the shape to obtain as small a visual footprint as possible. The wood cabinet is constructed through a proprietary technique by a Danish furniture manufacturer.