Life, always in focus.


What is the cost of losing a great moment forever because you were too far away to capture the emotion?  Professional photography seems to only be in the grasp of those with expensive equipment.  There are numerous clip on lenses that enhance the experience of taking a picture but rarely enhance the quality of the picture.  The Voa is capable of inspiring a new level of creativity.  With a wide-angle lens that provides versatile wide-angle perspectives with no distortion and zoom lens that lets you get twice as close to the subject with no distortion or degradation to the image, you will begin to see your photography in a new light.

The technical look of Voa enhances the perceived function of an already great product.  Its simple extruded cylindrical design simplifies the overall appearance and fits more within the context of apple products.  The knurling creates a textured surface for easier gripping and speaks to technical products.

Voa is a case study in how the leap is made from hobby to professionalism within the constraint of devices people already own.