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How you connect with your audience, the consumer, will ultimately determine your products success. It is not necessarily what people see that matters most in today’s market, it is what people feel that elevates one product above the next. The consumer no longer wants just a product or service, they demand an experience. That experience gives reason for your product to exist and connects you to your customer.

Everyday consumers are bombarded by hundreds of thousands of products every day that are vying for their attention; headphones, toothbrushes, stereos, toys, books, etc. Yet there is always room for a new original message/experience despite a crowded market.

People coalesce around original ideas, experiences and stories that move them. It is why people pay tens of thousands more for a BMW when they can get a Kia for tens of thousands less. Starbucks managed to take one of the largest commodity items in the world and make it a premium product. People don’t buy cars or a coffee. They buy a story. There are no commodity products, only commodity companies. The market is waiting for you to tell your story. Just make sure that your story is worth telling.