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This Citation project was done in the mid 1990’s. The project was to create a battery powered audio system that would provide a consistent source of power that would not spike or drop. It was a high end modular system that consisted of a power amplifier, pre-amp, battery pack and remote control.

These renderings are the real definition of multimedia. They were full size collages at roughly 2ft wide by 3ft tall. They were marker and chalk sketches done on done on tissue paper cut out and mounted to form core. The highlights were a combination of prisma color pencils and gouache paint. The type was a combination of Letraset dry transfer rubdown letters and chromatec rub down logos. The backgrounds were Pantone gradation colored papers that were cut out and glued to the foam core. Last minute design changes were extremely difficult to make.

Citation decided to move forward with concept 3. Which direction would you have chosen?