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Delivering consistent, high quality products that create strong consumer attachment and brand value is not magic. It is the result of a rigorous Design Compliance discipline that continues all the way through to production. The process from design concept to consumer product does not end with the design phase. Contemporary trends toward simple forms, high quality materials, finishes and construction mean the successful execution of every detail of the design concept is critical to a successful product launch.

While our design team integrates the initial design criteria into every concept, all issues are subject to revisiting as the vendor weighs detailed part design, tooling, yields and final part costs. Ashcraft engineering design resources continue to work concurrently with the stakeholders all the way through to production to resolve manufacturing issues of part lines, draft, assembly features, gap management and cost and durability of finishes. With our knowledge of materials, finishes and manufacturing processes, we work hand in hand with our clients’ manufacturing partners to resolve manufacturing challenges while maintaining the original design intent and we advise the client on any trade-offs that may compromise the integrity of the product yielding the highest quality end result.