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The team at Ashcraft Design just got back from a week at CES in Las Vegas! Connecting in person with clients and experiencing new products and technologies up close continues to be invaluable to our role, even in a world seemingly trending in the opposite direction. While most of the buzz is on remote connectivity, on all ends of the WiFi are real, tangible products looking for their place in the connected world. Seagate has some great products we have designed coming out soon in connected storage. Wren Sound continued their strong reception with new contemporary finishes on the V5 sound systems that stir the human affinity for natural materials and quality audio. They also gave a glimpse of a product that we designed and are very excited about that will be debuting very soon. Stay tuned to the blog to see.

A common theme among most of the products was being connected. A lot of the big corporations were focused on building smart homes and the technology required to connect the consumer to his/her house and the items within. Interestingly enough a company by the name of Energous debuted a technology called WattUp. It was a wireless charging solution that had the ability to charge devices up to 15 feet away without being physically connected! Imagine the possibilities of being “connected” all the time without ever being physically connected.

The other amazing thing at the show was Audi’s concept car the Prologue that actually drove itself from Los Angeles to the show. Not only is it a beautiful car but the technology paves the way for an exciting future in the transportation category. The automobile companies along with all of the home automation make the CES landscape begin to take on the appearance of people’s lives rather than just bits of technology looking for a place to belong.