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Innovation is born out of necessity.

The moment a question is posed, the mind begins to search for an answer. The more specific the question the more focused the mind will become. It is this process of searching for solutions that drive us at Ashcraft Design. Creativity thrives on focus and the more you can narrow down a problem the more likely you are to find an innovative solution. When speaking of creativity, people frequently throw around the term “blue sky”; that creativity flourishes when there is no bounds. While there is some truth to this, the mind will wander aimlessly unless brought into check with a simple focus. Innovation must have a reason to exist and by starting with a focus you have given it that reason.

Starting with a detailed design brief that outlines the entire scope of the project is key to finding a solution that meets and exceeds a client’s needs. At Ashcraft Design we work with clients to understand the market, trends, human factors, use-case, cultures, etc to ask the right questions that lead to the right solution.

When JBL needed a new speaker designed they came to Ashcraft Design. We asked JBL and ourselves how will these speakers be used, where will they be located and how can design and innovation challenge the market’s perception of how a speaker is used? From these questions and research the JBL Control Now was born. The Control Now have an innovative arced enclosure that makes these speakers perhaps the most flexible ever developed. More than one JBL Control Now can be linked together to create half-round, three-quarter round and donut-shaped configurations, a group of four can even be hung from the ceiling in the same manner as a ceiling fan ensures that the “sweet spot” is anywhere and everywhere in the room . Single speakers may be mounted horizontally or vertically on walls, and in corners between walls or between walls and ceilings. They can sit horizontally or vertically on a shelf or tabletop. They can even wrap around corners. The innovative shape enables the Control Now to have numerous installation possibilities. the JBL Control Now is one of the few speakers to come along that offers a genuinely new approach to how you listen to music.

Asking the right questions has a huge impact on how innovative your product or brand will become. At Ashcraft Design we ask the right questions to help companies find the solution that will position their brands as market leaders.