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Our design director, Britt Ashcraft, was asked to speak to the product design students at Otis College of Art and Design about Ashcraft Design’s process, and his own personal path in design and where the industry is headed.  He talked about how emotion plays a key role in peoples purchase decisions and how a product should make people feel something in order to get them to act.  He touched upon vision, and humility/teachability being key factors Ashcraft looks for in potential hires and interns in addition to standard design skills.  The ability to always be willing and open to learn is the door to true growth as a designer.  Not everyone is going to have all of the answers, or even the same perspective and as soon as that is realized sincere collaboration can begin and great ideas developed.

There are huge benefits to being apart of the local design community and anytime that we can be a part of an open forum or give back to the community in whatever way we can, we jump at the chance.   Being able to talk with the students, feel their energy and see their fresh perspectives in such a concentrated location is really inspiring.  There were some great questions, thoughts and insightful work.  The design community has a lot to look forward to when these students graduate.  Thanks again for the opportunity!