Your company is dying

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Did you know that your company is dying?
“New knowledge is being created outside your walls at a rate that is unmatchable within your company.”

Seyi Fabode – Strategy at Ashalabs, Writer at Harperjacobs

Seyi Fabode goes on to say that because companies are run to be efficient, the expertise in your organization quickly becomes stale while the knowledge in the market is continually renewed.

In order to grow sales and maintain a competitive edge, companies need to produce new ideas consistently.  Innovation spurs new growth when a company’s potential has plateaued.

Stuck in their traditional method of thinking, what was once a company’s advantage can give way to more nimble market disruptors.  Companies with layers of hierarchy give only small steps towards progress but don’t do much to impact the market.

These companies suffer from a lack of outside perspective. Problems benefit from being exposed to people and teams with different educations, backgrounds, and experiences.   Looking outside the companies walls to people that are trained to shed new light on old problems is the key to solving the business problems of today and anticipating the ones of tomorrow.  Work with teams from different industries that can take an idea and present it in a new way to a new set of customers.

For executives that want new growth, understanding the limits of their organization and looking to other teams to work with a different set of guidelines is key to defining a new future.

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