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I bet this is something you didn’t know

By April 2, 2018December 13th, 2019No Comments
Are you ready for this?


People don’t care about you…. They only care about themselves.

…..was that too harsh?

…..i can already hear the sighs of disappointment.  You’re probably thinking you already knew that.   But then why do most companies fail to create products, experiences and content that people love?

It’s human nature to want to share all about yourself.  I can’t blame you, you’re a pretty cool guy.  Of course, I want to hear all about how you decimated the competition at your last karate match at the cobra kai dojo…… Companies are no different.  Well, they may not be telling you about how they perfectly executed a roundhouse kick to their opponents solar plexus but they do think that if they can just show their customer how great their product is then customers will be breaking out the American Express.

If I don’t know you, you don’t matter.  Its as simple as that.  And unless you are paying millions of dollars to get in front of millions of people, most likely your target customer doesn’t know you either.  So, they don’t care how great you or your product is.

People don’t care until you give them a reason to care.  They are too focused on their own life and problems.  But if you give people a way to solve their problems then you have opened the floodgates to cash… or bitcoin…. or whatever kryptocurrency you deal with.  Sounds simple. But few people execute it or at least execute it well.  Most fall back into the “I’m the coolest” mentality.

Listen, don’t tell.  Listen to what the customer has to say, what problems they have; I promise they would love to tell you all about it, then tailor your product or approach to solve that problem.  It doesn’t have to be the greatest widget in the world. But the moment your customer hears it solves their problem, it becomes the greatest widget in their world.

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