The Beauty of Nature and Its Impact on Design

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“Undulating lines, dynamic curves, and powerful arches stand in contrast to the geometric, functional style as represented by functionalism. “

Emami Design


In the digital age, product experiences must be intriguing, mysterious, delightful and provocative to capture the attention of the consumer. The delicate balance between form, proportion, detail, color, and materials is rooted in the culture, time frame, and context of any given moment. There are certain trends that transcend time and others that are indicative of a point in time. Understanding this delicate balance is crucial to how form, material, and color impact the context of a product.

Biotix is a trend that capitalizes on mystery, delight, and provocation. It takes heavy inspiration from nature through natural looking and amorphous forms and materials, asymmetry, and free flowing lines. An emotional connection is made between man and technology through natural, organic fluidity.  It is a stark contrast to the geometric, architectural aesthetic that is so prevalent these days. It almost gives the appearance or feeling that the inanimate object is alive or was created by nature.

“Organic design is a style of product design which takes as its starting point organic, flowing natural forms. “


Emami Design


In the images below, Korean artist Jang Yong Sun captures the beauty of biotix through a number of striking sculptures done for his first solo exhibition titled Particles of Dark Matter.  Sun welds thousands of steel rings to form these amoeba-like structures that despite having the appearance of being precariously fragile must be extremely heavy.

Some of the best examples of biotix are seen in the work of Ross Lovegrove. His work spans decades but his vision and execution has never gone stale. His sensitivity to form and the emotional connection his aesthetic sense and vision bring to a product bridge the gap between nature and man. He is a man inspired by nature.

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