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How to Connect With Your Customers on a Deeper Level

By April 12, 2021No Comments

To say ‘I am excited’, is an understatement….we are on the cusp of the most advanced technological revolution the world has ever seen. Artificial Intelligence is going to dramatically change the way we live. It’s hardly the first inning and we have yet to see the full impact artificial intelligence will have on life. Products such as Amazon Alexa, autonomous driving, and web algorithms that anticipate and suggest user interests and preferences have only scratched the surface to show how seamless artificial intelligence can be integrated into our lives. Artificial Intelligence bridges the gap between technology and people. It can bring a level of humanity and emotion to an otherwise lifeless, cold piece of hardware or software. It gives the customer the opportunity to interact with and connect.

Some of the technology required to accomplish these feats can be complex and daunting. Not all companies have the resources to create such powerful technology. However, there are simple ways to achieve ‘artificial intelligence’ that all brands can do.

The difference between a ‘smart’ product and a ‘dumb’ product is the products ability to interact with customers. The simplest ways for products to interact with us are light and sound. These are dynamic elements that most brands already have but have been incorrectly using…. or at least will be incorrectly using from here on if they don’t change their ways.

Light and sound give life to a product and create an intuitive path for user engagement.

Most brands are using light and sound in a two dimensional way that is consistent with traditional technology and ‘dumb’ products. An LED light goes on and off to signal that the product is on or off. And possibly there is a short sound to indicate the same. Usually these are implemented without care or thought.

To use light and sound three dimensionally the brand has to begin to think how their customer will interact with their product or service and what they want their product or service to communicate. Then determine the clearest way to use light and sound to communicate those ideas to make the experience feel as close to human as possible. Does the light ‘breathe’, slowly pulse, when resting or ‘thinking’, are there different tones associated with different functions, can you use light or sound to greet the customer in some way, etc?

For the longest time, when companies spec their products they have used CMF (colors, materials, and finishes) to define a products appearance. As important as these elements are, and should never be ignored, they are still very much two dimensional. CMF needs to be redefined as CMFLS from here on. The importance of light and sound as a products attributes and feature set is too important to ignore. Creating the next level of user engagement cannot be achieved through CMF alone. Light and Sound are interactive and connect on a more human level. Light and sound are two key elements that should be on every brands product or service specification list. As a brand you have to understand how you will use light and sound to engage your customer and what are you trying to communicate to your customer through these two elements.

How is your brand using light and sound to interact with your customer?

At Ashcraft Design we understand how to create immersive experiences through light and sound to engage your consumer. As designers it is important to communicate ideas as well as certain feelings and emotions to consumers. The correct use of light and sound brings depth and a humanness to a product or service. These connections between product, brand, and consumer all come together to impact sales and business growth.

Our approach to design drives new growth, brings you new customers, and helps your company grow profitability. Our solutions create products, brands and experiences that move people to action. We give you the strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation that are pivotal to your success. Contact us to see how we can work together to grow your business and brand.